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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Legend Gone, and Far Too Soon

I cannot express in words how much Kirby Puckett meant to me growing up. My father was born and raised in Minnesota and has been following the Twins since the mid 60's. When I was an impressionable young 6 year old kid in 1991, I thought my dad was it. I loved everything he loved, Minnesota sports, and especially the Minnesota Twins, included. I still remember that night over 14 years ago. Game 6, 1991 World Series. Even though I was only 6 years old, I knew enough to know how big Kirby was that night. For all of my friends that think I'm too obsessed with sports, with the Twins, with Kevin Garnett, with Johan Santana... I can trace it all back to the catch. To the home run. Kirby Puckett made me a sports fan. I can never thank him enough for the joy he brought to me for years and years, and still brought to this day everytime I looked through my 50+ Puck baseball card collection, held my Kirby Puckett wooden bat, put on my Kirby Puckett glove, or wore my Minnesota Twins hat. Thank you Kirby, you will be missed.


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